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Cover image for Quarkus World Tour 2021  & why I’m not really an app server sort of person.

Quarkus World Tour 2021 & why I’m not really an app server sort of person.

spoole167 profile image Steve Poole ・2 min read

There I’ve said it. I’m not really an app server person.

Even though I had worked for IBM ‘doing’ Java for a long, long time, (remember the San Francisco project anyone?) I worked on the JVM piece, the JDK element - not the application server side.

In fact if I was going to use an app server I’d a) try not to or b) use something simple. Things like RatPack or SparkJava were my choice over the usual suspects. My personal choices are always driven by simplicity and productivity.

For me Quarkus ticks all those boxes - Quarkus really is something different.

You may have heard that Quarkus has great performance for Cloud applications. You may even have heard that Quarkus compiles Java code to native. This is all true. However Quarkus is not just a compile-to-native tool. You can certainly create applications that way but it’s not the only option. Quarkus offers significant benefits when running on a standard Java runtime or when compiling to native.

Quarkus is designed to help with cloud based production and development challenges in a cohesive and coordinated way.

Note the words, "development challenges". Quarkus puts your day-2-day experience up there with performance as being critical for the success of modern Java apps. Believe me, Quarkus' “developer joy” will make you wonder how you ever lived without it.

The bonus, if that's the right word, is that everything that makes Quarkus a really good choice for applications intended for the cloud can be applied to applications that are not heading there. Whether desktop application or more traditional vintage Java solution - they all can benefit from using Quarkus.

Quarkus World Tour

I wanted to start 2021 with some buzz. Help people to learn more about Quarkus but not via some YouTube video. For those of us constrained by CoVid19 to small rooms, noisy neighbours, parental responsibilities etc I wanted to do something more ‘human’ and as much like a meet-up as we can get - without actually meeting in person.

The World Tour is just that - a virtual visit to as many JUGs as we can. We bring the people, the tech and the swag. The JUG does the hosting. The format is simple. 90 odd minutes with a bit of a lecture on what Quarkus is all about, several follow-along style demos of Quarkus in action mixed with questions and answers.

Keep an eye out for your local JUG hosting the Quarkus World tour and sign up to participate in the session. Look here to see what’s already scheduled. We’ll bring developer joy, Quarkus engineers and maybe even a T-Shirt or three. Oh, if your local JUG isn’t on our list yet then get them to reach out to and we’ll see what we can do to get connected.

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