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Cover image for Quarkus World Tour - what to expect

Quarkus World Tour - what to expect

spoole167 profile image Steve Poole ・1 min read

Today we're doing the third stop on our World Tour. We're off to the Vigo and Coruña JUGs.

I've learnt a lot already about what works and what doesn't for this sort of event. I wanted to just share more about what you can expect to see and hear.

We have 90 odd minutes to present Quarkus to developers - and frankly its not enough to cover even a fraction of the story. Quarkus is just such an amazing thing.

So we are not going to even try to tell you about everything that makes Quarkus cool.

We're just going to do one thing...

Show it off

Yes there are slides, there to help you understand a little more about Quarkus, the ecosystem and the community.

Otherwise it's all demos. And even they just scratch the surface. Ask questions, hear answers, watch live coding (maybe even to answer the question)

More details here

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